There are millions of women and girls trapped in sexual exploitation around the world. At Eden, their stories transform from dark despair to hope, through counseling, creative therapies, job training, and more.

 All profits from our jewelry sales directly benefit the women at Eden. Grants and donations cover the rest. Our comprehensive program to reach, rescue and restore women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation and sold as brides cover six city locations across Asia and include:


Community Education

Eden works to stop trafficking at its source. Your support makes possible our awareness and prevention training in at-risk communities. Our hope is that together we can protect young girls and women from ever experiencing the trauma of sexual exploitation and equip those communities to identify bride traffickers.


Eden Outreach teams make weekly visits to red light districts and trafficking hubs in the countries where we work. We also work with partner organizations who refer survivors to Eden for healing. We identify trafficking victims, provide rapid HIV testing, and gift the women with Committed pendants. Your support allows us to share a message of hope and a plan for escape with women who felt like there was no rescue coming.


Safe Houses

When you buy Eden jewelry, you create the loving, family atmosphere within our shelters for trafficking survivors. Eden women come to us through both escape and referral. Because most women arrive with nothing, they find a welcome pack of clothing, underwear, toiletries, and shoes. Each one finds trauma counseling, creative therapies, and a loving group of welcoming women at each center.

Counseling and Health

When you support Eden, you make healing possible. Each Eden woman receives intensive trauma counseling upon arriving at one of our centers. She has access to medical treatments that many rescued women require, such as connection to HIV treatment services. And as she begins to heal, she can also benefit from art and dance therapies.

Vocational Training

Without immediate employment many women would be forced back into exploitation. At Eden, our women earn a full-time wage making the beautiful jewelry that funds our program. Your support helps them pursue job training in their area of interest and attain the financial literacy needed to save and invest in their future.

Economic Empowerment

Once a rescued woman is restored to health, wellbeing, and work, we find that she creates a ripple effect throughout her community. Each beneficiary supports an average of 4.2 people, which means entire families’ lives are changed by your support!


Dream Wall

There is an Eden Dream Wall at each of our sites. As each young woman learns how to hope again, she paints a dream for her life on a simple white canvas.


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