Over the last three months, we have been working with the Vietnamese embassy to expose an organized trafficking ring based in Vietnam and Myanmar. This group is involved in trafficking hundreds of women and girls from Vietnam into Northern Myanmar. We are now assisting over 120 Vietnamese women and girls who have suffered severe trauma, starvation, and extreme torture. These women have no clothing or basic toiletries or sanitary supplies. 
Eden is in urgent need of support to provide for these 120 women as they await the repatriation process. Please consider donating and being part of the solution as Eden seek to meet their needs and care for these survivors.
  • Court Processing Fee - $270
  • Domestic Flight to Yangon - $100
  • Food for 21 days - $105 
  • Welcome Packs (including clothes and shoes) - $10
  • Medical Care - $10
  • Transportation Buses from the Airport - $5
The total financial support we are seeking to raise for each of these women and girls is $500 USD. This will cover all transport to the Eden Shelter in Yangon where they will be safe, free and nurtured. It is here that we will commence the repatriation process, we will assist with the necessary identification documentation and then will be able to plan return flights to Vietnam. Currently, these women are being held in prison and some are as young as 14 years old. We must act now. Thank you for your support.

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